Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Alzheimer’s Services to maintain a standard of confidentiality to protect the privacy of its volunteers, all people that it serves, and the staff. Therefore,the organization does not provide names, addresses, or telephone numbers of these individuals without their permission. The mailing list of the organization can only be used for organization business and will not be given or sold outside the organization without approval of the board of directors. The mailing list and the organization records pertaining to volunteers, individuals served, and staff will be maintained and secured in a manner to insure this confidentiality. Personal information revealed by those served by the organization will also be considered confidential. Any such information will not be discussed by volunteers or staff except as part of their assigned responsibilities and will not be discussed outside the organization without permission.

Confidentiality Policy Origination date: August 16, 1994

The organization periodically publishes the names of volunteers and donors as part of recognition for their contributions. Anyone wishing to have their name removed as part of any public recognition, please contact Leigh Bradford at 225-334-7494.