Memory Bootcamp

New program MEMORY BOOTCAMP to help those in the early stage of the disease.

Memory Bootcamp is a new program of Alzheimer’s Services to assist persons living with mild and moderate memory challenges and their primary caregiver. Program participants discuss and discover ways to live better lives together by understanding the strengths and abilities still available for persons with memory challenges.

This program initially was developed by the Center for Applied Research in Dementia (CARD). Staff members of Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area are trained by CARD staff to continue to implement this program in Baton Rouge and the organization’s 10-parish service area.

During each session, persons with dementia take part in discussions of challenges facing them, and activities found to be engaging with this population are provided. Memory Bootcamp provides caregivers and care recipients with procedures and skill sets so that they can continue to live together and have a good quality of life despite the disabilities associated with dementia.

Participation in the program includes a 3-hour session each month for six months. After these six sessions, the group “graduates” from bootcamp and is able to keep meeting as a group.

For more information or to register to participate, contact Julie Knight at 225-334-7494 or