Annual Appeal & Memories Lunch Gifts

Annual Fund and Memories Luncheon donations consist of one-time and multi-year commitment gifts.

We have made every effort to ensure that all contributors were included.

Gifts listed below were made from April 1 – June 15, 2019.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Akers
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Allen
Ms. Cindy Amedee
Mr. & Mrs. William Auten
Mr. Christian Avery
Mr. Bill Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Princeton Bardwell
Ms. Kerry Beslin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bourgeois
Mr. Dana Brown
Mr. Tom Browning
Ms. Diane and Jim Bruno
Mrs. Kenneth Carter
Mr. James Carville and Mary Matalin
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carville
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Chapman
Mr. Clay Clement
Mr. & Mrs David Corona
Mr. John D’Angelo
Mr. and Mrs. Dane D’Aquin
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Davis
Ms. Holly Hildalgo DeKeyzer
Ms. Rachel DiResto
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Edwards
Ms. Carol Fitch
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Gautreaux
Mr. Heinz Geiss
Mr. Carl Goode
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Guitreau
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Henry
Ms. Monica Hess
Mr. and Mrs. William Hildalgo
Ms. Pat & Sparky Hoffman
Mrs. Tammy Humes
Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Hurtado
Mr. Harold Jarreau
Mrs. Carla Jumonville
Ms. Angela LeBlanc
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron LeJeune
Ms. Alice Marcantel
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Matherne
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McArthur
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Miremont
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Morgan
Ms. Kerin Morris
Mrs. Mary Anne Olivier
Ms. Janet Olson
Ms. Cheryl Ann Payne
Mr. Richard Piazza
Mr. and Mrs. Chase Rainey
Mrs. Layna Cook Rush
Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard Sanchez
Mrs. Donna Saurage
Ms. Beryl Smith
Mr. William “Bill” Taylor, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Thurston
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Tullier
Mrs. Mary Woolfolk
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Zellmer